Amazing Hair Colors to Kick Off 2020

As a new year starts, everyone is looking for the hottest hair colors that are going to take the year by storm. This year is already giving us amazing techniques and stunning hues that promise to deliver beautiful hair color. Here are a few of our favorite trends we’re already seeing for 2020 and that we predict will be favorites through the winter and spring.

Rooted Soft Beige-y Blonde
We are seeing a tendency toward showing a decisively grown out root to kick off the new year. Our professional hair colorists suggest the lightest blonde tones look fabulous when painted via balayage (or expertly placed foils), executing a root-smudging technique to deliver a look of soft brown roots shifting to light blonde tones through the mid-shafts and ending into a polished look framing the face.

Buttercream Blonde
If you’re searching for a blonde that is more yellow-gold than white, you’re going to fall in love with this honey tone. If you have a dark natural root, you are going to want to bump up the base at least one shade. This warm buttercream blonde will give you dimension, subtle illuminations, and a soft golden finish that will turn heads and be admired.

Deep Milk Chocolate Brown
For 2020 we’ll see brunettes start to swerve away from blonde highlights and instead, gravitate toward a more natural lift in their all-over hair color tone. Dark brunettes will seek a lift that’s softer than their roots, but not totally blonde. The movement is leading us toward a soft, milk chocolate brown that isn’t an obvious color job. Richening the base tone to add dimension, a soft lightening along the mid-shaft, and framing your face will give you a bright, fresh new look for the new decade!

Orchard Red
When we checked out the trend reports for red hair, there’s an accent shade called Orchard Red that’s going to blow up the charts in 2020 with its multidimensional and shimmering lure. It’s called Orchard Red because, like an apple, it boasts both auburn and golden copper undertones. This accent shade, with its rich tones, will work well whether you’re going for deep mahogany or cinnamon red and will add instant richness to any dark base shade.

It’s early in the season, but the technique of twilighting is already positioned to dominate hair color trends. This hair coloring technique brings out warm undertones in brunettes by employing a combination of golden balayage and babylights.

Our amazing colorists can help you achieve a hot hair color to give you a polished look that complements your personality. We offer professional hair products & salon-only brands for the best in hair care, makeup, and skincare needs. Visit NOVA Salon at one of our two locations in Louisville, KY. You can request an appointment, or give us a call at 502.895.1956 for our salon at 2346 Frankfort Ave or 502.883.0786 for our salon at 4600 Shelbyville Rd. #302. Follow us on social media! We are on Facebook on our NOVA Frankfort Ave page or our NOVA St. Matthews page as well as Instagram. Also, check out our Cool Beauty Consulting!

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