Highlighting Techniques for Fresh Color & Beautiful Hair

With spring right around the corner, you might be getting inspired to refresh your hairstyle with some fun, new highlights added to your hair. There are many highlighting techniques that our expert stylists at NOVA Salon can use to give you that perfect new look. It’s important to be educated on what those techniques are so that you can choose the one that best suits the look you’re going for.

Awesome Ombre. This look or style, not technique, is where you have a darker color at the root which gradually lightens to the tips. This style gives you the freedom to choose colors that can be subtle & romantic or choose pops of color that can be quite dramatic and make a statement. 

Understated Beauty of Balayage. Balayage and Ombre can often be confused with each other. Balayage is a technique that your NOVA stylist uses to “paint” the hair color onto your hair in a strategic pattern. The highlighting color is swept on in a top to bottom pattern that creates a graduated effect with soft, natural lines. The great thing about balayage is that the look becomes more natural-looking as your hair grows. This technique is wonderful for giving your hair that sun-kissed beachy look without spending hours in the sun. 

Traditional Highlights with Foil Highlighting. If you want the traditional look of highlighting, stick with foil highlights. This technique employs sectioning off pieces of your hair with foil for defined strands of a lighter color. If you prefer subtle highlights, smaller portions will be highlighted. If you prefer chunky highlights, larger sections are used. Either way, these defined sections add dimension to your hairstyle and can also be used to give more interest to your style. 

Lovely Lowlights. Lowlights are simply the opposite of highlights. Instead of lightening sections and strands of your hair, lowlights darken them. Alone, lowlights can be used to add depth and dimension to light-colored hair. Lowlights can also be used in combination with highlights for gorgeous results. 

Our expert stylists at NOVA can help you find a fresh new hair color, offer highlights to give our existing hair color new life, or help give you a new hairstyle just in time for spring. Visit NOVA Salon at one of our two locations in Louisville, KY. You can request an appointment, or give us a call at 502.895.1956 for our salon at 2346 Frankfort Ave or 502.883.0786 for our salon at 4600 Shelbyville Rd. #302. Follow us on social media! We are on Facebook on our NOVA Frankfort Ave page or our NOVA St. Matthews page as well as Instagram. Also, check out our Cool Beauty Consulting!

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